Monday, March 30, 2009


Who would've thought that I'll be able to get online at this time... To be exact it's 9:50pm and I'm with hubby in an internet cafe near our home.

His busy reading the Naruto Manga while I'm checking my Facebook, Fiendster, emails and Multiply. But we will not be here for long. We decided to rent for an hour as we have a lot of things to do tomorrow like going to Medical City for a checkup. After which will be going to Dasma Cavite for my brother's recognition event on Wednesday.

Earlier I was in Godiva Skin Care Station in Bel-air and had my facial and DP. According to Lyn (the one who handled me) I have 10 warts on my face! Dang! After 2 years of having a warts-free face I have to deal with them again. Sigh!

I'm getting sleepy and Hubby decided to play one game of DOTA. Grrrrr! I told him that we will just be here for 15 minutes more.

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