Friday, March 6, 2009

Ten-Ten-Te-Ten! (bring back your W@Wie memories)

(In celebration of W@W 10th Year Anniversary, John Rana created a tag for former W@Wies to answer).

Instructions: Delete my answers and fill up with yours. Then tag 10 of your W@Wie friends (if possible) to pass.

1. Your W@ W tenure (indicate the year and/or month)
- Uhmmm... it's either September or October 2006

2. Best W@Wie idea you picked up & used for your wedding
- DIY! I made our STD using the idea of Mandy ;)

3. Most active W@Wie Groom in your batch
- Groom? Naku, I can't remember his name

4. Funniest /most memorable W@W eGroup moment
- I'm always looking forward to Jenki's email...hehehe...laging hyper and funny! ;)

5. Most active/helpful W@Wie in your batch
- Ebeth, Mandy, Jenki, Ivy, Candy, Jan, Suzzy, Thet

6. Favorite W@W event (event | year)
- I'm sure the upcoming W@W 10th year Anniv (it will be the biggest and grande st)...kaso di pa ako nakakapagregister =(

7. Favorite W@Wie wedding (aside from yo urs)
- Uhmmm... dami kong nakita nun from their wedding photos and kwentos

8. W@W souvenir/keepsake you still have in possession (i.e books, calendars, shirt, buttons)
- W@W calendars and books. Oh, saka yung napalanunan ko sa Burgoo EB na bride manequin (small)...I still have it

9. Your W@W BFF(s)
- Ebeth, Suzzy, Thet, Mandy, Jan, Chie and Jenki (sila yung madalas kong kausap up to now...hehehe)

- 10. Your W@Wie signature

Joanne ni Randiej
October 27, 2007
UST Church / Oasis Manila

-> It's been awhile since I used that signature... Ü

Tagging - Jan, Mandy, Chie, Nikki, Jeng, Shiela, Gracie, Thet, Rhea and Marj.


AEC said...

w@w@wie!! :)

AEC said...

hi joanne! did the tag na. naku, natuwa naman ako na very helpful ang diy magnet na ni-share ko. :) glad it helped you. ;P

Jacque said...

wow, nakakareminisce naman to. can i tag myself? hahaha. :)

Unknown said...

Glad you like the tag! Ü

I miss the W@W days!