Monday, March 2, 2009


It's been awhile since I visited my high school best friend. During our yester years I'm always at their house even when we were in college and attending different universities. We always tell stories of everything and everyone we knew updates on our lives and just about anything that comes into our mind until the wee hours of the morning.

It all changed when I worked as a call center agent and then later on got married. She and my other friend are still single (though both of them are in a relationship) and they are the ones who always go out. Not that I mind. After all they are enjoying their life. I just missed those day that I always spend most of my free time with her in their house.

Yesterday I finally got to see her! And her mother who happens to be our god mother in our wedding. Their house is fully furnished and completely done! The last time I went there was last year during their house blessings. Our ninang is still the same - hospitable, kind and a chatter box. My friend Doreen is still the same. Eyes glued on TV, texting every once in awhile but this time she's no longer a telephone operator where she used to be spending hours and hours talking to her (other) friends. This time she's a little serious. She still loves Animes. Before we always watched Sailor Moon....hehehe. She's no longer participating in taekwondo games but she's coaching college students in the school where she worked.

I missed the moments that I can have an impromptu sleepover. I don't have to worry about the clothes that I have to wear since she always lends me her clothes. Haay...those were the days. I'm just glad that her family still treats me the same. Though their house is bigger and grander compared before (plus a big rottweiler for a pet), they are the same family that I've known and loved. Moreover, they became a part of my life amd I think they feel the same way about me....
(Chellie, Me and Doreen - HS Buddies)

I'll see them again this March for their thanksgiving! Ü

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