Thursday, March 19, 2009

On Leave

...for tomorrow

I'll be using the carry-over leaves from last year. It's perfect timing since I will be going to W@W 10th Anniversary! Yey! It will be my first time to attend W@W's event and I'm so glad that hubby will accompany me. I was surprised actually since his not the sociable among the two of us...hehehe.

Will be very early at Fernbrook Gardens since we will be helping Jenki to organize and put-up the walls of our dear W@Wies and N@Wies.

I still have to buy a brooch for the dress and the adhesive tape that is used by the models on the runway so the dress will fit them perfectly. The dress I'll be wearing is a little loose on some parts and I needed an adhesive to put them in place. I wonder where I can buy that type of tape or sticker? I'm going to check first Landmark and then PCX in Glorietta. Hopefully one of them should have it.

Tomorrow I will not be around in my blog but I'll be back on Saturday! Luckily I can have some photos from the anniversary party to post for that day.

Ciao for now...

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