Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My APE Result

After 2 weeks we have the result of our Annual Physical Exam in the office. Thankfully, everything is normal except for my weight (I'm still happy that there are no serious health conditions that I have to worry)

I'm aware that I am under weight and that was the assessment result for me (turns out that I'm 93 pounds not 94). Recommendation? Consult Primary Care/Company Physician for Nutritional/Weight Management

I don't have an Xray since the female general doctor said that it will be better if I don't take it since at that time I was delayed but it was a false alarm

I'm planning to take my 2 VLs that was carry over from last year so I have to use it this month or it will expire. That's my chance to have a checkup/consultation with an OB. I just need to look for an Ob-Gyne that is accredited by Intellicare on their website

Then, I'll be going to Intellicare's Makati clinic for my warts cauterization by their dermatologist.. Sigh! I've got a lot of things lined up for me that I have to do...

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