Friday, March 27, 2009

Make Babies

An officemate shared me the link of Make Me Babies where you can see the "supposedly" face(s) of your future child/children. This is the result of extreme boredom in the office...hehehe.

You can even pair up with your fave stars if your that too curious (like me) to know how your child will look like. That's not a bad idea, it's ok to dream ;)

Here's the photos of our future children (Randiej and Me):



What do you think about my little new baby R? - What will your baby look like?

It's weird that the boy and girl looks almost the same...hehehe.

Now, for my craziest idea ever. Pairing up myself with my ultimate crush...none other than Brad Pitt! Check out the face of "our" baby boy:

In fairness, the baby looks adorable! He can be a child star here in Manila. Too bad Brad has Angelina and I have Randiej...ahahahaha!

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