Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Luna Pic

I have a former classmate in high school who have these fab pics of hers sporting her new "do". One commented on how great she was in editing the pics using Photoshop and then she replied that she went to LUNA PIC site to have the photos edited.

Cool site! It offers a lot of photo editing options you can choose from compared to other websites. I actually needed this once since sooner I'll have to start selecting the pictures for our wedding photo album (I really have to do this before our 2nd Wedding Anniversary). We still don't have one since I'm too lazy to sort out the pictures plus I have to edit some of the selected photos into sepia and black/white effect before submitting them to our photographer (as I mentioned before I want our wedding photo album to have pictures of colored, b/w and sepia). We don't even have our wedding video yet. Good thing none of are relatives are asking about it (yet).

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