Monday, March 2, 2009


Stands for Latter Day Saints (referred to as the Mormon Church). They are not part of the Catholic, Orthodox and Protestant traditions instead they are restorationist Christians that teaches the after events described in the New Testament. They believe that original Christianity should be restored and the teachings of other religious groups have lost a vital element of Christianity.

Regardless of their belief and faith, some of LDS theology is similar with traditional Christianity like Jesus Christ is the divine son of God the Father and Mary delivered him to earth as a sacrifice for the sins of all humanity.

So far I've never encountered anybody that is part of this religion. I have friends and office mates who are either a Born Again Christians, Iglesia ni Kristo and Baptist. It would be interesting to meet someone that is part of this group and there is no better way than to join the LDS Chat City. It's a chat room for LDS members to meet and interact. I think every religion is open for other religious members to join them though since there's no harm if you want to learn more about them as to have an additional knowledge.

On my personal experience I have never encountered any conflicts befriending with other religions. At first, when belief and faith is brought up there will be a little disagreement but the key factor is respect which thankfully all of us learned to practice.

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