Thursday, March 12, 2009

It will be the first.... outing for our family, which is on my mother's side. My aunt is planning for an OOT which includes an overnight stay and of course a swimming treat for my cousins! We never had a family trip/bonding before (aside from visiting our relatives in Batangas) and this will be the first! We are planning to take my grandma so she can enjoy a different scenery after spending most of her time in my aunt's house in Cavite. She definitely needs a break! Ü
I made a research for the "best" private pool resorts in Laguna. So far, I've listed 4 of them by searching through the Gtalk forum and N@W archives:

1. Doña Salud (

2. Mang Boy (Mobile # 0915-7073752)

3. Caleb (

4. Trixie (

Me and my aunt like the Doña Salud Private Hotspring Resort best! Ü All the rooms are in AC plus they have a billiard hall and videoke machine. Apart from that, they have a kitchen that has a stove, LPG and ref.

My aunt will be contacting Doña Salud first so we can know their rates. They offer 4 private resorts which you can choose from. You just need to select the resort that suits your needs ;)

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ruther said...

ganda naman ng resorts... im planning to hold russell's 30th anniv sa private pool and you just gave me a great idea.. pa-share naman ng rates sis. :0