Monday, March 9, 2009

Issues Down There

March is celebrated as the Woman's month, in this regard I saw a lot of ads/ TV commercials concerning female health particularly the Cervical Cancer, Genital Warts and other Genital Cancers awareness.

The very specific ad that made an impact and made me stop on whatever what I'm doing is the different TV personality joined forces to promote and spread the word about the HPV vaccine. It was said that 12 women die each day in the Philippines due to cervical answer (scary!) and there are over 100 types of HPV identified about 40 of which infect the anal and genital areas. Honestly, I'm not that knowledgeable with this type of vaccine but after hearing and seeing the commercial, this made me decide to avail the vaccine just like the others but before I do, I made a research as well to gain more info before going to a doctor.
(Human papillomavirus)

First I read a page in the internet for the Symptoms of Genital Warts. Thankfully, it's very informative and concise. Apart from that another article that is worth reading is the connection of Genital Warts and Pregnancy. It says that regardless that your pregnancy is smooth sailing and you had a genital warts, the consequences is that the unborn baby may get infected with the same condition or worst he/she may catch laryngeal papillomatosis, a condition wherein the warts develop in the mouth and throat area of the baby.

I'm thankful that I came to know this website and the piece of info it brings to its readers. This made me thinking that HPV shouldn't be set aside and it's our duty and responsibility to take care of our body. I've mentioned this to hubby and we're planning to see an OB for a consultation/medical checkup and to know more about the vaccine that was advertised on TV. It helps to be cautious and aware especially if it's our health that is on the line.

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