Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Home Furnitures

Sometime between 2006 and 2007 I always make it a point to buy the Real Living magazine since I was fascinated with the different photos and articles about home and home improvements. It's my ultimate dream to have my own house which I can dress up with furniture that I want.

Buying the magazine keeps me updated on where you can get a good buy of dining room furniture and home office furniture (in case we will have our own family business in the future).

Aside from the magazines, looking through different websites for home furniture, there's a lot of choices to choose from that varies from sizes, color, texture and of course the budget. The good thing is that some websites have a chat support where you can ask about a particular item that you want or more! It's like being inside a home furniture shop.

Take for example the black entertainment center which looks like a cabinet for dining room. I'm curious to know if it's for that kind of purpose or it's for storing the TV and other entertainment electronics. That's one question that I will definitely ask their customer service agent (it really does look like the cabinets on a dining area where the walls are painted white).Right now I don't buy that magazine simply because I want to save money as my top resolution for this year and it's not a necessity for the time being. Maybe in the future when my dream is finally a reality ;)

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