Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Furry Pets = Fleas

When I was growing up, I always have a pet dog and among them that is hard to forget is Lassie. He happens to be a male with fur colored reddish brown. When I was in sixth grade he was the same age as me (imagine, a dog that is 12 years old!). We all know that life span of dogs are shorter compared to humans and he was considered to be so old at that time that he can't sometimes move. There are also instances where a lot of flea can be seen in his fur. Naturally, we have to bathe him with an anti-flea shampoo on his doghouse since his body is not that active. If only a dog spray like the Frontline product is available during the early 90s it will have made things easier.

When I got married, we don't have a pet dog of our own (hubby and me) but if ever I would like to have a Golden Retriever. I'm not sure if hubby will like that idea since his not that fond with dogs.

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