Friday, March 6, 2009

Coffee Break ver 1.49

Woohoo! Coffee break is back and I'm so excited to answer this week's question ;)

How does one have a vavavoom body this beach season?

For me, here are my top three fool proof tips in order to have a beach body for this summer:

1. Hip-hop abs ->it really works! promise! ;)
2. Drink Fit N' Right after working out (or once a day)

3. I eat a banana or drink Nesvita cereal as my dinner (no rice for me)

But right now my aim is not to get thin but to add a few extra pounds because I'm underweight (weighing 94 lbs). According to my mother and hubby, I became too thin and it doesn't suit me. I still do my hip-hop abs but only once or twice a week (before it was 3x). I don't drink Fit N' Right regularly as before. I eat sandwiches during dinner. My aim is to weight 100 lbs before our Boracay trip in June without being flabby so I maintain my hip-hop abs workout.
Hope this helps for anyone who's planning to be sexy and fab this summer! Ü

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