Monday, March 2, 2009

Blog Aggregator

Found this site that creates blog aggregators (also known as feed reader or news reader) which its sole purpose is to sum the whole amount of news, blogs, etc. in a single location for easy viewing.

I've come to a conclusion that I need to add the blog sites that I frequently visit everyday and then it will be a blog portal for me (or everyone). This will ease the task of reading the contents of my fave blogs.

Here's the sample widget that I made for the blogs that I always visit:

Oooopps! It's kinda long but I don't need to open the blogs one at a time in order for me to read the contents. It's now compiled under one widget. Sweet! Ü


Kerslyn said...

wow! i can see my latest posts there. nice find sis :-)

Unknown said...

Galing noh?! Lagay ko nga sya sa side ng blog ko..hehehe

Mas madali magbasa ng mga new posts ;)