Tuesday, March 17, 2009

10 Songs You Hate

I subscribe to the Ten Tuesday and since it's Tuesday today, here's the topic that we have to answer (as the title connotes). Geeze, this is tough. Let me rack my memory cells for a few minutes.....

It's hard for me to find the tile of the songs so I will just make a generalize description of the songs that I don't like.

>>> the heavy metal rock songs that makes no nonsense when you hear it being played on the radio. I hate those songs that you can't understand the lyrics when the lead vocals started singing it. Trying hard rock bands is just as worst! (sorry if I offended someone / somebody, this is just my opinion)

>>> some of Mariah Carey songs. I can't pinpoint the exact reason but there are some songs of hers that doesn't appeal to me unlike before.

>>> "I want to be with You" by Mandy Moore... it's probably the video that makes me tick with this song (all the pout gestures of her lips...ugh!). I love her song "Cry" and her movie "A Walk to Remember"

>>> "Your my Candy" by Aaron Carter...it's too puppy love-ish...hehehe.

There! I finally got an answer(s). Whew!


Sunshinelene said...

Mine is now up...titleless! :)


Happy Tuesday!

Teena in Toronto said...

I'm not a Mariah fan either.

I played too :)

Unknown said...

Thanks for checking out my answer :)