Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Warts and Insurance

I have flat warts in my belly and I want to get rid of them. It all started when I have warts in my face and neck and I had those cauterized last 2006. I had to do it as part of my wedding preparation and also to avoid spreading it to the other parts of my body . Thank goodness and they've not yet return.

Guess I was late since it scattered on my tummy area and some on the sides. I'm planning to have it remove. Thinking back of the money I spent the last time, I was worried that I will have to throw away the same amount of cash (it was pretty expensive since I went to Dermclinic) =(

If only our health plan insurance covers the warts treatment just like the Nevada Health Insurance Companies offer I will immediately schedule for a dermatologist to have the remaining warts in my body be remove.

I'm going to check with Godiva if they have some promos for warts removal this quarter. Summer is coming up and these warts tend to get itchy when it's hot.

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