Thursday, February 19, 2009

Team Work CRM

I thought it was like Team Building software where there are group activities and exercises to improve and strengthen relationships within an organization...hehehe. But I was wrong, obviously.Managing company with TeamWox CRM will boost company's internal affairs and PR on its employees due to the transparency of work activities that came with the package. The CRM is designed for an organization's proficiency and business development which means that all the corporate data are gathered in one place for an easy access among its employees wherever in any part of the world they are.

Sounds so business and complicated huh? But if you're in a position of owning a company, it helps for your employees to know that they are given an importance to and well taken care of. After all, employees are the heart and soul of an organization for it to work well.

Hmm... We don't actually have this kind of software here in our office....

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