Thursday, February 19, 2009

Tattoo Chat

I enjoyed watching the LA Ink and London Ink in Discovery Travel and Living. Almost all of their customers have story/stories to tell behind each tattoo/s. That's new to me since I thought before that the reason people get tattoo is to look tough (you know the days where convicts are the famous models for tattoos).

I've tried henna tattoos like three times and I always put it at my lower back. I know it's a good spot to put tattoos on and I admit it's kind of sexy having one on that location but I will never ever get a permanent one because primarily I’m afraid of needles. Second, if you have a tattoo (unless you’re a famous artist or celebrity) it’s hard to travel out of the country. Lastly, hubby and my parents will never want it in my body. Even if I talked to people in Tattoo Chat City I will not be convince to have a real tattoo.

I'm looking forward for our vacation in June. Finally, hubby and I will be experiencing Boracay for the very first time and it's will be the longest vacation for us together. I can have another henna tattoo on the same spot where I always put the previous ones. I want something like this as the design:

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