Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Specs for Hubby?

Well I'm not yet sure if he will need one as of the moment but surely in the next couple of years he might. His like a call center agent always awake throughout the evenings playing DOTA on the laptop while asleep during the day. There's a possibility that his eyesight will not be a 20-20 vision as it was before.

We are waiting for his new passport which will be delivered on Thursday. Once he received it, he can apply for overseas Mechanical Designer/AutoCAD Operators position which is in demand in Qatar, Bahrain and Dubai. I'm confident that he will have a shot on this jobs compared to the ones here. It's tough to find a job in-line with his experience since he has lots of competition.

Anyway going back to the eyeglasses issue, I bet Hubby will definitely want one without spending too much. It's possible since Zenni Optical is known for providing quality and budget-friendly specs. That's why apart from their TV show exposure they hit the newspaper stands as well by having a featured article in NYT. Good thing that there are companies who are aware of what's happening to the world with the financial crisis taking domino effect on every country and its citizens.
I think this kind of eyeglasses will look good on him (see picture above). I'll probably have him look at the website so he can see the frames for himself and pick one that he likes best. But that will be in a matter of 3-5 years before he does that.

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