Friday, February 27, 2009

Rock n Roll

Two days ago I saw the post of John Rana in Facebook about the black theme wedding of Kamikazee's vocalist Jay C to Sarah Abad (happens to be the sister of Kaye Abad).

Curiosity got the best of me (I'm excited to see the wedding pictures) so I check the link in weddings at work. Indeed all of the female entourage including the parents as wearing black. The bride is the only one who's wearing white with a black belt as an accessory. Judging from the pictures of the newlywed they are enjoying every moment of their nuptials. Aside from the visible fact that the groom and bride are sporting tattoos and coming up with the "Goth" motif wedding, the love of the two for each other is skin-deep and you can see it in their eyes and faces. All is fir in love and war as the say. I wonder if they met in a punk chat room but then again it could be through common friends and acquaintances of her older sister that brought them together.

For all the rockers, punks and Goth lovers, you can socialize and converse with other peeps with the same interest as yours by trying out the Punk Chat City. Who knows maybe your better half is somewhere out there in the chat room and it all started with casual punk chat and ended in a rock and roll tale of ever after ;)

Photo Credits: Mango Red


ruther said...

astig to noh.. i've seen one wedding naman na yellow and black coz both the couple are from UST. cool :)

Unknown said...

Yeah! Gulat nga ako. Kakaaliw nga tignan yung pics nila especially yung prenup pics :)