Friday, February 6, 2009

Pre-Valentine's Day Qs

It's been awhile since the last Thursday Qs. The N@Wie who's active in posting the question have been busy (I think all of us are). So it's good that it's back!

Typically I always posted my answer here in my blog rather than in the yahoo groups. Can't explain why. It's just my preference Ü

1. Do you love receiving flowers on Valentine's day? Why?
- Actually I've never experienced receiving flowers on Valentine's day so I'm not sure if I will like it or not.

2. How do you feel when you get to receive some flowers and you have to walk the streets lugging the flowers with you?
- Definitely I will feel embarrassed...hehehe

3. What's your plan this coming Valentine's day?
- Just stay at home with Hubby and cook something special (Buttered Shrimp or the Squid recipe that I got from Quickfire). I'm planning to buy Sonja's cupcakes on my way home on the 13th so we can have something sweet to eat on Vday.

4. Is Valentine's day really something special to you and your partner? Or is it just one of those ordinary days?
- It's just one of the ordinary days. What we celebrate is our wedding anniversary and our birthdays :)

5. Spread some love. Give a love line or two to our fellow N@wies.
- The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart - Hellen Keller

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