Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Hubby's 32nd Bday

Sorry peeps for my late post. I was on-leave yesterday because I'm helping hubby with his applications abroad.

Anyways, last Saturday (February 21) was a tiring but rewarding day for me. It was my first time to cook food for his birthday.

I started preparing around 9am. I first made the Pine Orange Squares and let it chill on the refrigerator. I was waiting for my sister (she wants to learn on how to cook the buttered shrimps) when around 10:30, my much-awaited surprise for hubby arrived. It was a cake that I ordered from Karen's Kitchen. I selected their best-seller Chocolate Ganache and advised them to have a dedication written on the cake.

Hubby was surprised to see the cake. He never expected that a cake will be present on his bday with a bday greeting written on top of it. He gave me his warm hug and kiss with his sincerest thank you ;)

Back to my cooking exhibition, my sister arrived at 11:30am and I started cooking the Buttered Shrimps. That will be our food for lunch and the dessert /snack will be the squares that I made earlier. Turns out that my sister was the only one who ate some of it since I'm not that hungry and I was consumed with the idea of preparing the baked mac for hubby.
After the shrimps, I made the baked macaroni with the help of my sister. I still need to learn a few tricks on how to make it more special since I used microwave oven to bake it. Somehow, I feel that there's something lacking on the pasta that I made though it tastes good.
It was around 2:30pm I think when I finished with all the fuss in the kitchen.

The way to a man's heart is through his stomach...my simple and labor of love gift for hubby on his birthday!

It's time for the bday boy to make a wish and blow his bday candle...hehehehe...
I wish him good health and a blessed life with me and our future family.
Love you always! :)

(P.S. The cake was so yummy! No wonder it was their best-seller. Rich in chocolate and the cake itself is not spongy. As of today, there's no trace of the cake in our house....hehehehe).

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Kerslyn said...

belated happy birthday to your hubby sis! hay naku, a way to a man's heart is through his stomach talaga. pareho tayo ng niluto nung bday ni hubby. shrimps at baked mac. as in fave na fave talaga ang shrimps at baked mac.