Thursday, February 26, 2009

First things first

- I'll have to go to Intellicare Clinic to have my warts cauterized. I just learned this morning that we are covered by our health benefits. 1k neck down (as what their customer service agent told me). I have to get rid of them before it starts to get really hot in Manila.

- Then second on the list is haircut and cellophane treatment for my hair. I'm thinking of going to Fix Lab in Glorietta and look for Paulo or Jenny (recommended by my colleague).

- Lastly is a massage specifically a Ventosa massage for my aching back. It's long overdue and I've been planning it since November 2008.

I'm hoping to accomplish all of these by April (yeah I know it's pretty long but I'm trying to budget the money plus I pledge to save money for this year). Hope I can apply the stuff I learned in Accounting when I was in college =P

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