Friday, February 6, 2009

Fear of a Dentist

Yep! That's right. I had that fear since I was a kid and up to now I'm still afraid of the dentist. In my mind whenever I have to go to the dentist I will always end up feeling pain.

I had a few bad experiences with the dentist when I was a child so that triggered my "dentist phobia"...hehehe. Aside from that I hear stories from my friends how the teeth tingle when you have a dental prophylaxis and teeth whitening. That's one of the benefits that I had with my health insurance care of our company. I'll plan to avail it this year when I have the guts to do it... teehee!

Aside from the prophylaxis, we also have the filling for the tooth. I haven't tried this one but I'm planning to do it this year too. Just by narrating the things I have to do with my teeth this year makes me want to change my mind. If only I can have the option to be asleep when all these dental procedures are done then I will immediately make an appointment. But we all know it's not possible. Guess I just have to choose a dentist who has light hands to work on my teeth and administer an anesthesia where I can't feel any pain at all.

My ideas are sounding crazier every minute of this entry. For now I just need to condition myself about the dentist issue then when I sum up all my courage, I'm going to look for a dentist that's accredited by Intellicare so I can schedule an appointment. The summing up of courage is going to take some time so I will focus first on my warts issue. Summer is officially here next month and I have to remove them before the weather gets too hot.

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