Tuesday, February 24, 2009

False Alarm?

Just last Friday I made an entry about our Annual Physical Examination and that I'm not participating on that event in the office. Well, turns out that I did at the very last 30 minutes before I went home.

One of the HR staff convinced me to have a medical check-up since it will only take me 20 minutes to finish everything and that I don't have to worry going to the Intellicare clinic. Okay, fine. I budged to his request.

I fill out the form then have my BP taken which is 90/70 (normal accdg to the nurse) then my height and weight. I didn't catch my height but my weight is I think 42 kgs. Yeah, I know that I'm underweight. After that, they got a sample of my blood and a urine specimen as well.

Then I went off to the ophthalmologist to have my eyes checked. It's a relief to know that I still have my 20/20 vision! Yey! No need for eyeglasses this year for me.

Last stop is having me check by a female doctor. First she asked me common questions like have you been confined to a hospital in your life; are you allergic to foods/medicines; do you know any sickness that runs in your family; do you smoke/drink, etc.

Then she asked me when my last menstruation was and that was last Jan 18. I've been counting the days and I know that I'm sort of delayed. Then she asked me how many does my cycle usually take. And I answered 5-6 days. Then she asked me if there's any contact that happen from Jan 18-Feb 20 and I said yes. Then I can't answer when she asked me how many times...hehehe. Because I'm counting in my head on how many times it was but I couldn't think straight at that time. I was haunted by a feeling that I could be preggy and honestly, it scares me. The doctor supplied the answer for me and I just said yes (sorry, I won't say how many times...let's keep it a secret).

She advised me to wait until the end of February and if in case I still didn't have my period, she told me to take a pregnancy test on the 1st week of March. Then she made a note on my form that I will not be having an Xray. Though were not sure if I'm preggy or not, it will be better not to take it as a precaution if in case there's a life starting to grow in my tummy. Last Friday was my 34th day from the start of my last cycle (Jan 18). She even told me that the symptoms of pre-menstrual period and of being pregnant are the same. The only time that you will know that you're pregnant is when you've taken the kit and it shows you a positive sign. So there, I was nervous of the thought of me being a mommy but I already accepted that fate just in case. I'm conditioning my mind that we will be parents (hubby and I).

Come Saturday, Feb 21 (hubby's bday) will be the 35th day. For me, this day will be the "Now or Never" day. In the morning I'm experiencing abdominal cramps but tolerable. Then at around 9am I was surprised to felt something in my underwear. I hurriedly went to our restroom and there I saw the sign of me having a period! But I didn't rejoice when I saw it. I hear stories from my friends that they still get their menstruation and it will take them 2 months before realizing that they were actually pregnant. I was thinking that maybe I'm spotting since the flow is light and there were few drops every now and then.

So I continue to do the things that I have to do that day not worrying if I'm spotting or it's really my period. Night time came and the flow suddenly changes. It's my normal flow when I'm having my period and it stays that way until the other day. Today the flow is very light. Sometimes, there's no trace at all in my pad which is the same during my other cycles.

I'm thinking that maybe I'm not pregnant at all and it's my regular menstrual cycle. But then again how can I be so sure? The answer lies on the month of March :)

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Kerslyn said...

ay, bakit? d nyo pa plan magka-baby, sis? ako, ilang beses nang na-delay pero nagkakaroon din. everytime sinasabi ko k hubby na may visitor ako, nadi-disappoint sya.