Thursday, February 19, 2009

Contaminated Spaghetti Sauce

A friend of mine just sent me a news link concerning a known brand of spaghetti sauce contaminated by rat parts! Yep! You heard me right.

As I read through the article I was stunned to learn that this could happen considering that they are in the market for so long and almost all of the Filipinos considered their brand as a household name.

On the said news, the batch code BB08129IF8 is the one contaminated with rat parts. An ABS-CBN employee filed a complaint in BFAD about what his family found about the sauce and the effect it brought to them. Mario Bautista said that his wife and children were hospitalized after suffering from headaches, vomiting and dizziness caused by the tainted product.

I brought a pouch of that sauce last week since I will be cooking pasta this coming Saturday for Hubby's birthday. I have to check the code that was on the pouch if it matches with the same pouch that Bautista family found. If in case it's not the same, I will thoroughly check the contents of the pouch if any alien objects are floating on the sauce. Or I'll probably buy another brand just to be safe.

To learn the culprit product click this link.


mm said...

scary naman ito, anu kyang brand yan

Unknown said...

Sis, it's Del Monte pero di sinabi kung ano klaseng sauce. Kung Sweet Style or Original Style...