Thursday, February 26, 2009

Change of Place

On March 28 or 29 marks the first year of our stay in our apartment. I'm proud to say that we made it through the year of leaving on our own. There are petty fights but it's normal since we are adjusting and I think we still do up to now.

In case hubby will be lucky to get a work abroad I was considering the idea of moving to another apartment particularly the apartment that was offered to us in the beginning by Tita Ador (she and her husband are our god parents in our wedding). They offer their newly built apartment for 4k which is a good find. Hubby at that time thinks that it's too far away from Makati that's why we opted for the one we are staying now.

I'm planning on visiting them this Sunday to check the place and to catch up with my best friend in high school (their daughter is my classmate/best friend in MCS then). I was hoping that the kitchen sinks on the place is spacious and the cabinets are not hovering the sink so I don't have to worry of bumping my head every time I'm busy preparing food.

It's just an idea for the time being because honestly, if I will be asks; I prefer to have a place that we can really call our OWN.

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