Thursday, February 19, 2009


Yey! I was finishing the tag yesterday from Jody and wishing for an OOT this year and then my friend pop me a message in YM telling me that she and our common friend will be going to Boracay in June.

She asked me to check the Cebu Pacific website with the dates where they booked themselves and luckily there are still seats available. I called and asked hubby if he can come with us. After I got his yes, I asked my aunt from the ME if she wants to join us since she will be having a vacation here by that month. Got another yes and there! I hastily fill out the information needed then select the seats for the flight and lastly fill-out the payment form and presto! Itinerary information was sent in my email after 10 minutes by Cebu Pacific and I printed a copy to show to hubby when I went home yesterday.

Finally, the vacation that we've postponed last year will transpire this year. Thanks to my aunt for paying the fares for the three of us (she volunteered to pay for them). I'm so lucky to have an aunt like her. Good thing she's a "groovy aunt" and we treat her as a buddy (barkada).

So my friend who asked me to come along with them will be the one in charge for finding us a place to stay in Boracay. She already told me a beach-front house/apartment that charges 1800 per room which is good for 4 persons! That's a good deal plus she knows a boatman that we can hire for our island hopping!

Can't wait for June to come!

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