Friday, February 20, 2009


It's our Annual Physical Examination here at the office. The medical staff and nurses from Intellicare are already here and they set-up stations where the employees will register, have our weight, height, BP and blood sample taken plus submittal of stool and urine specimens.

Two vacant rooms in the office are dedicated for ECG lab and Pap smear lab. Another room was created for the general chek-up. While the X-ray is held on the mobile clinic.

I already advised our HR manager two days ago that I will be going to the Intellicare clinic instead of participating in the APE today in the office since dependents of the principal Intellicare member are not allowed to come here at the office so I opt to go to the clinic since it's only one ride away from our home. And I can have my dependent (which is Hubby) to have his APE as well.

Will just need someone from our HR office to call the Intellicare clinic to endorse our names and we're all set.

Oopps, I still owe y'all some pictures of our new office. I'll make a post about it before this day ends ;)

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