Thursday, January 22, 2009

We are one of the Childless Couple

The topic in N@W is pretty intense. My take is "to which his own". After all, not everyone is created with the same perspective and POV in life so respect each other's decision.

Some couples like to have children right away after they are married while others want to take their time to be alone and save money. Regardless of what other people may think about equating children to money, let's face the truth. Not everyone is financially ready in order to take care of a baby. Every movement you've made in order to provide for the baby/child needs money. Medicines, checkups, clothing, food, vaccines, schooling etc. Those families in squatter's area have many children, but I bet that not all of them are given the basic necessities they need. Most of them are not given a chance to go to school.

I feel for the couples who are childless despite of how many years of being married. Because I am like them (we are married for over a year). Though I have an experience of taking care of babies/children (thank you to my parents for making me the eldest), I know that we are not yet ready. The fact that I'm the only one working for the time being is enough reason for us not to have a child (yet).

Just like any parents, I want to give the very best to our future child/children thus we are preparing ourselves to be a good provider to their needs. I don't want to be the type of person whose dependent to other people (relatives specifically). Being a parent means being responsible in every possible way and we want to be that kind of parents.

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