Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Still scouting...

I've called 8 schools from Monday to Tuesday to inquire and check the possibility of a good school where we can transfer my youngest sister as a Grade 4 student. So far, all of them are not that appealing to my mother's perception of an ideal school.

So, I called the two schools where me and my sister went during our grade school and high school years.

First is Malate Catholic School (this is where I graduated in high school). Surprisingly their tuition fee is still affordable. They are way cheaper than St. Andrew's School but I think the level of education is the same. It's also the alma mater of Kuh Ledesma (I remember when I was a student and I saw her yearbook). She's a member of the choir group in MCS during her student days. Then there is True Faith whose lead vocalist is a graduate of the school. Notice the motto of the school versus the name of the band The academic curriculum is good. Teachers are dependable.

Next, St. Mary's Academy in Pasay (this is where I graduated in grade school). Just as I thought, their tuition fee is pretty pricey but compared to St. Paul they are cheaper of course. One thing that I loved in SMA was the quadrangle is spacious (we even held a small carnival during my sixth grade on that area) and all class rooms have lockers. The academic curriculum is great. I think I was in third or fourth grade when we were taught to use a PC

Let's see what will happen tonight. I'm pretty sure that my mother will have an answer on what school my sister will go to for the coming school year.

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