Friday, January 23, 2009


I learned about her through DZMM Teleradyo. It was November at that time and that's the month where spirits, souls and anything paranormal are famous to be the topic in TV shows and radios.

In fairness to her, though she's a psychic she do not encourage people to believe about zodiac signs, dreams, etc. For her it's still on one's faith and God's will. Predictions and interpretations are just a guidance and it's not 100% accurate.

I actually added her in friendster (she has an account) and she usually posts some helpful info about signs and predictions on her friendster blog. Hopefully someday she will begin her own blog like the The Occult Blogger who if I'm not mistaken has the same interests (or hobby) as hers.

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E-Tavasi said...

yes prediction and interpretation just a guide for us :) don't believe 100%