Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Spas and Tubs

Last December, I made a promise that I will pamper myself by hitting a spa. Unfortunately, I've spend too much on gifts for my siblings, godchildren and friends that I have no more money to spare.

It's okay, at least I was able to spread some cheer last holiday season and it gives me a sense of happiness by seeing their faces once they received my gift. Priceless! :)

Hopefully I'd be able to achieve my long-over due "pampering me time". This year (still have plenty of time!). I was really looking forward for a "ventosa" session since I have a lot of cold muscles at the back. It will be a treat to soak myself in a tub to soothe my aching body and relief stress like a massage bath. I just hope that they don't use too much hot tub chemicals otherwise organic ingredients used for the soaking treatment might not work.

I long for a vacation this year. A real good one! Ü

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TitansFan said...

I understand, aching muscles almost paralyze me. I have put much thought into getting a hot tub. My wife is very picky and that's why I married her! Lol! She chose me. I did however butt heads with her on this. I wanted a thermo-spa and she found this Hot Tub It has all the features she wants. I like them too! I was swayed by her and fact that it has a TV. The tub was installed last October and I am so much more relaxed. I can't wait to get home and hop in. It is great and I'm glad she had me buy this one!