Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Real Estate Foreclosures

I enjoyed watching the Million Dollar Listing TV show on cable (forgot the channel though). Imagine, three young men on the game of real estate. They are earning 5 to 6 digits as their commission (that is in US$)! Wow!

But due to the unpaid mortgages, loans, etc. for sure there will be a lot of Real Estate Owned foreclosures. One of my US recruiter was able to buy a house before 2008 ends. Lucky him! It seems that his not afraid to invest in real estate and of course he was able to save money despite the financial problem. I wonder if he browsed for free foreclosures on the net.

Financial experts here in Manila said that the basic necessities like food, clothing, car repair, etc will still boom on 2009 however, having your own house will be a less priority for most Filipinos.

I'll just have to wait for the upcoming Real Estate Expo for this year and check for possibilities for us to own our own lot and house. Hopefully they can provide a free REO foreclosures search for convenience sake.

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