Monday, January 12, 2009

Nike Trainer

Last month when my friends/colleagues and I went to Rufino Building in Ayala Ave. for the Nike Warehouse Sale, I saw a pair of Nike trainer that I so really like! I even took a picture of it:
I was not able to buy it since even it has a 10% discount; I still find it pricey...hehehe. The original price was Php 3,800+ minus 10% that will be Php 3k. I told myself that I will just have to wait for another sale or go to Festival Mall in Alabang where a friend told me that they sell sports shoes much cheaper compared to malls and it's all authentic.

The Adidas trainer that hubby brought for me last December 2005 needs to retire so I'm eyeing this Nike shoe and it's in my favorite color! =)

Patience is a virtue so I'll wait. I might even find a Puma trainer too which is not a bad idea but then again, I'll stick to the pair of Nike shoe that I heart for now. I have to follow my New Year's resolution which is to SAVE MONEY ;)


AEC said...

yup in festival mall, they do go on sale often. i've yet to buy trainers that are full priced. in paseo de santa rosa, there are adidas & nike outlets too. :)

Unknown said...

Thanks Mandy! :)