Wednesday, January 7, 2009

New Year, New Fashion

Every New Year apart from predictions that is always a hit, fashion and hairstyles came as the second best topic.

Like for example, the color of 2009 will be yellow. Those who were born on the Year of the Monkey are lucky this year (I'm crossing my fingers). Then according to my friend/colleague, Con the wide leg (elephant) pants will be in style. Thanks to Katie Holmes for strutting it in NYC for the paparazzi to see.

On my Belle de Jour planner, it says that Grecian dresses will be a trend for this year. Do not forget the one shoulder tops which can be seen during the summer for all the women to flaunt and for the men to appreciate...hehehe.

For those who worry with their figure (blame it on the parties and festivities last holiday season), don't fret. There's a figure flattering clothes that can help you hide the flaws and make boost your confidence. A-line skirts, well fitted jeans and tailored-fit blazers are always appropriate for all body types.

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