Friday, January 2, 2009

Let there be light....

I was in awe when I saw the house of the famous TV host/personality Boy Abunda (well that was like a few years back when it was featured in a TV show). The main attraction of the house itself is the huge chandelier!

Good for him that he was able to afford that kind of light fixtures before the financial crisis came. Obviously, nowadays people are more practical and would like to prioritize the "needs" than "nice to haves". Hopefully the problem that we are all facing will be over soon. I was hoping to have our "dream home" in the future. Though chandeliers are a pretty sight in the house, I will opt for simple ceiling light fixtures instead.

As I was watching the news about the famous fortune tellers they say that those who were born on the Year of the Monkey will be lucky in 2009. I say it will all come true if that person is hard working armed with prayers and faith in God :)

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