Friday, January 23, 2009

It's Summer Again

This means time to explore and travel the wonders of nature and the world! Last year we were not able to do it (hubby and me) due to his medical issue at that time.

This year, me and my colleagues are planning to spend a weekend in Punta Fuego (Batangas) on April. We will get the group package to cut-down the expenses. I have to tell hubby about this so he will know that we have plans and it's his choice if he wants to join or not. I have a gut feeling that he will decline and spend the rest of the weekend playing DOTA instead. Sigh!

Apart from the tour packages that we see on the travel and tours multiply sites, they even have trekking packages like the Mt. Pulag in Baguio. I'm not really a mountaineering person unlike some of the peeps I know here in the office whose been to a lot of mountains last year. Apart from spending mountain gears like Arcteryx and North Face, I have to get myself a pair of Rock Climbing Shoes as well.

I guess you really have to spend if it's your hobby and you are having fun.

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