Tuesday, January 27, 2009

It's Prom Time

Next week will be February aside from the fact that it's considered as the Love Month, it's considered as the Prom Season as well. Teenagers will be wearing formal attires like tux, suit, gowns and prom dresses to celebrate this event.

I didn't participate in the dancing/party of our JS Prom. I was avoiding someone so I always make it a point to join the program but not the dancing. I will immediately go home or make plans with my classmates who will ditch the dance as well. On my senior year, we ended up watching a movie in Greenbelt 1...hehehe. I vaguely remembered what I did on my junior year. But I think I just went home. It saved me from buying two prom dresses for junior and senior year =P

Most private and exclusive schools do the formal prom program. They will have a program like the ones you see in a movie where there is a Prom King and Queen and the girls are all dressed up in their new prom dresses while the guys are in tux.

That's my experience on prom but if my daughter will have her own prom on her high school years, I would want her to enjoy it. You can only have this event twice in your life and I don't want her to deprive of that kind of experience. Of course, buying a prom dresses or gown to wear for her makes me excited but it will be how many years from now. I wonder what my husband's take to this topic. He can be a little anti-social =P

It's enjoyable to view and search for prom dresses or gowns on the net. It' like the same thing when I had my wedding preparations. Ideally, I want my bridesmaid and secondary sponsors to wear a dress/gown that they can wear for other occasion like formal parties or prom. It will help them to spend and save money. Maybe next time, I will ask my sister to do that on her future wedding. Or maybe I can ask her to have a prom theme for her wedding. That way all the female guests will be required to wear prom dresses look alike while the male guests a tux or formal attire ;)

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