Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Holiday 2008 Rundown

It was the longest vacation that I ever experienced when I started working. 2 weeks of no work and all play and relaxation! Too bad that it has to end.

Forgot to post and make an entry on what transpired to us during the holidays but here are the details:

December 23 => I went to my parent's house to pay them a visit and to fetch my youngest sister. She will be spending the Xmas with us :)

December 24 => We are waiting for 12mn to strike! I just cooked spaghetti then paired it with a loaf of bread and hamon de bola as our Noche Buena. In fairness, hubby and little sissy liked my pasta! ;)

December 25-27 => I went to Dasma Cavite to visit and spend some time with my aunts, grandmother and my other siblings. I missed them so much! Hubby on the other hand went to his aunt's house and had a bonding time with his bro, that is playing DOTA! Hehehehe

December 27 - 30 =>I'm back to Makati and so is hubby. Mostly were just at home. December 29, my other sister and I met in Glorietta and do grocery shopping for Media Noche. After that I didn't went out of the house.

December 31 => I'm a bundle of nerves at this day since I have a fear for firecrackers. Yep! You heard me right. I never ever go out of the house when it's the eve of New Year otherwise I might have a nervous breakdown..hehehe.
While waiting for Jan 2009!
Our simple Media Noche that is good for 2 =P

January 2 => Hubby and I decided to go our seperate ways (again)...hehehe. I'm back to Dasma and his in QC. Another "ME" time ;)

January 3 => One of the reasons why I went to Dasma is to join my aunts, siblings and cousins to EK. There were a lot of people who went there and the queue time for each ride took 2 hours on average =(
But I had a lot of fun since my siblings are there with me =)
Me with my aunts

Me with my little bro and sissy

January 4 => Vacation is over and I have to go back to Makati...sigh! Work is waiting for me with open arms =P

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