Friday, January 9, 2009

Body Beautiful

With science and technology that we have nowadays, improving one's physical appearance is easy as long as you have the money.

We all know that in Los Angeles, Thailand and Brazil there are a wide variety of cosmetic/plastic surgeons available. Even in UK where models strut their stuff on the runway donning branded clothes. Just like the other cosmetic services,
breast enlargement surgery and liposuction are the most famous among its clients. They offer free consultation and they have a hotline where you can call during the evenings and weekends. The benefits that you can get undergoing these types of surgeries are of course, a flattering body and a boost of confidence.

Not only that, they also have cosmetic services for Men as well. Rhinoplasty, Male Breast and Pectoral Implants are some of it. Haven't heard a male confesses undergoing cosmetic surgery before though. Or I'm not that updated with the buzz that's been happening in Hollywood.

I on the other hand will just have to wait to get pregnant in order for my bust to get bigger...hehehe. As much as I would like to improve my bust size (that is if I have the money), I bet hubby will not let me do it. Anything artificial is a no-no for him.

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Unknown said...

And it keeps on improving each year. The quality of the procedures. Look at weight loss surgery. They offer Lipodissolve in Portland where your fat can be melted away.