Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Bed Bugs Guide

Last December when I got my bonus, I decided to purchase a mattress for our bed. Having an airbed was not ideal for us since it always gets punctured and air keeps coming out from it.

Good thing that Uratex Mattresses have 5-year warranty and apart from that you can register the product via SMS which is easy and of course consumers don't need to worry of misplacing the registration form.

It's been a month and so far the mattress is okay. Its 3-inch thick but it's not the commercial type where it sags easily. I'm hoping and praying that in 2-4 years time, I don't have to worry on a bed bug (s) because they are like lice who fed on human blood. They are hard to catch since they are small and comes out when you least expect it (that is when your sleeping).

Preventive measure is to make sure that the whole house is clean especially your bedroom. Pesticide will help but it's not 100% effective because there is a tendency that bed bugs will scatter and hide inside the walls then comes out from different directions making the matter worst.

I'll just have to check every now and then on our mattress.

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