Monday, January 12, 2009

Battered Man

I watched Julius and Tintin's radio show in DZMM Teleradyo and their topic is about men being abused by their wives. At first I couldn't believe their is such a thing but if you will think about it, everyone is entitled to have rights maybe it for men or women.

They have a guest lawyer who wrote a book about "battered man". There are also 24 questions where a married couple can ask to each other to see if their marital relationship can lead to an abusive one. Some of the questions were:

Will you allow your spouse to have his/her own bank acct?
What are your expectations to your spouse?
What makes you happy?
What makes you angry?
Give 20 reasons why you chose your spouse to be your lifetime partner.

The lawyer gave advice that if you’re being abused by your spouse and would like to file a complaint or case, here are the things to do:

Physical Abuse - take pictures of the bruises, cuts or wounds that he/she inflicted on you. This will serves as evidence and it's documented.

Emotional and Psychological Abuse - this is very tricky but the guest lawyer said that make your relatives or immediate family involved. Talk to them and to your in-laws about the things that are happening in your relationship. Then write it down on a paper and sign it.

The book is available in all National Bookstores outlet. I forgot the author's name which happens to be the guest lawyer but the title is "The Battered Man" (if I'm not mistaken). Some contents on the book are applicable to battered women as well.

I'm going to get myself a copy...hehehe. Not that I'm battered nor my husband but it's interesting to know your rights as a wife/husband and the limitations that two must have in a relationship. A little knowledge doesn't hurt ;)


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Anonymous said...

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