Thursday, January 29, 2009

All About Costumes

Commonly, costumes are in demand when during Halloween though there are times that costumes are used during school activities or themed parties like birthdays or Christmas. I'm not sure in what particular theme party you can wear a detective costume but most likely it will be for Halloween though it's not that scary at least it's still in the league of mysteries.

If only the masquerade theme won last year for our Christmas party then I might have come and dress myself up with this type of costume:

Or just like the episode in season 1 of Gossip Girl where Blaire held a Masquerade Party, the characters wore stylish dresses then paired it with a mask just like these two:

In the future, when I have a child of my own. I will definitely hold a Costume themed party but that will be on his/her 7th birthday. It's much cuter to see all the kids donning different outfits when they are all grown-up and aware of what's happening on the event.

The only time I remember that I have to dress up was when I was in high school and my friends in Cavite held a small party themed 60s or 70s era. So imagine all of us wearing skirts and blouses topped with an oversize polo tied around our waist with matching flat (rubber) shoes while we danced the Boogie =)

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