Monday, December 8, 2008

Pacman pulped the Golden Boy

At 8am, hubby and I were tuned in to the tube for any news or announcement that the Pacquiao-dela Hoya fight will start. Turns out that GMA 7 will have a delayed telecast of the event and it's too bad that we don't have Solar Sports in our cable (not sure why).

Regardless I didn't watch much of the under card matches. Instead, I was busy playing Cooking Dash...hehehe. Then at around 12nn when hubby switched channel to DZMM Teleradyo, they announced that Pacman won the fight! The news came straight from Diane Castillejo who happens to be on the MGM Arena.

That makes us anticipate the match. I think it was 1pm when they started showing the match and boy, there are tons of commercial! Grrr! From 1st to 8th round I tuned in to the screen watching Manny's moves. I'd say that his tougher than I thought. His consistent with his moves and his fast in throwing punches whereas dela Hoya seemed too stunned to move. Guess that cutting his weight did an effect on him in a bad way. I feel sorry to the Golden Boy because half of his face was swollen especially the eyes. Manny on the other hand seemed unharmed.
It's yet to be known whether these two fighters will retire or not but for the time being, Pacman make his self known again to the world and he sure made the Filipino proud! :)

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