Friday, December 5, 2008

On Weekend...

I'll probably have to go to the grocery on Saturday to add a few stocks on our fridge. Then most of the time, I'll just stay at home watching TV or DVD or playing Cooking Dash on the laptop.

On Sunday we will be attending the morning mass on the chapel near our home then we will tune in to our TV to watch Pacquiao-dela Hoya match! Wooohooo!
This will be an anticipated event for all Filipinos and naturally this is the best time to hit the malls since traffic will not be a problem (too bad that our 13th month pay is not yet ready).

In the afternoon of Sunday, hubby and I will be going to my cousin's house in Taguig to attend the 1st B-day of her daughter who happens to be my god daughter.

So I just have to make most of my time on Saturday since Sunday will be a little bit busy for me.

Happy Weekend to everyone!

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