Tuesday, December 9, 2008

My Birthday Gift...

for myself! hehehe. I didn't used for 3 months (I purchased it last August) because hubby will surely ask me where & when did I bought it and how much is the bag :) During those months, the bag is stored in my office drawer and I was planning to use it this month.

Though others may find this cheap, for me this was the most expensive bag I ever purchased (I'm being practical). It costs Php 2,300 from a multiply seller who sells authentic imported items (mostly branded bags like XOXO, LC, RL, Lacoste, Baby Phat, etc). She's a nice person and very easy to talk to. She even let me pay it in an installment basis! That's how great she is!

XOXO Evolution Large Tote Brown bag

Tomorrow will be the very first time that I'm going to use it. My other bag that I always carry when going to work is damage, the strap of the bag is loose. I have to bring it to Mr. Quickie to have it fix. That will be after my office hour.

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