Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Law Enforcement and Tactics

Last week, there's a terrorist crisis in India. I was not aware at that time on what exactly is the fuss. Turns out that there are conflicts within India's borders which have been the primary reason for different acts of terrorism. 195 people were killed while 327 were injured. It was said that there are Filipinos who worked there together with the wives on Taj Hotel. They are part of the fortunate crowd who made it alive and were released.

On that same week, Thailand has a separate problem to fix. Thousands of anti-government protesters occupy the country's two main airports. Due to this a lot of trips going in and out of Thailand were canceled making their airways paralyzed. I think yesterday, PAL (Philippine Airlines) sends a plane to rescue the 500 Filipinos who were stranded in Thailand. Regardless of this action, almost 100,000 foreign tourists are still stuck and it may take a month (the longest) for them to be back in their own countries. Obviously, they are in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Due to this political chaos on 2 Asian countries, PNP held a dry-run of security procedures for the 2nd Global Forum on Migration and Development. The security will be divided into 11 task groups each responsible for different functions. I wonder if they sport a 5.11 Tactical Watch like the military in the US. But then again, I bet our government doesn't have a budget for this kind of luxury. Likewise for other Asian countries. This reminds me of the movie SWAT and Bourne series where they have this kind of accessories when in a combat.

I'm surprised to find out that such type of watch exist. I thought that law enforcers, soldiers and civilians are having the same type of watch. Guess technology does help in making their job duties efficient and actions precise.

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