Monday, December 29, 2008


....that I received this Christmas were:
RL Romance perfume (pasalubong from my aunt whose working in Bahrain)Belle de Jour Planner 2009 from Con; mousepad calendar from our company's president (EVT); original DVD of Mr. and Mrs. Smith and Toblerone chocolates from Oieydie; and Victoria Secret's Hydrating Lotion from Gi =)

....that I bought for myself were:

(Php 199 only)
(Php 399 only)

Two pairs of sandals from Schu (I purchased them in their factory outlet near PBCom Tower)

Fossil Watch

I don't have the pics yet of the tops that my other aunt gave me. It was Hollister Tops made in Vietnam (for export in California) and a doormat carpet for our home.

For hubby, I gave him a Nike Tee and a Polo tee from Milk and Co. For our home, I bought a carpet for our room :)

Next year, I will push through with my plan to save up money and hopefully for both of us to work abroad ;)
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