Monday, December 29, 2008


....that I received this Christmas were:
RL Romance perfume (pasalubong from my aunt whose working in Bahrain)Belle de Jour Planner 2009 from Con; mousepad calendar from our company's president (EVT); original DVD of Mr. and Mrs. Smith and Toblerone chocolates from Oieydie; and Victoria Secret's Hydrating Lotion from Gi =)

....that I bought for myself were:

(Php 199 only)
(Php 399 only)

Two pairs of sandals from Schu (I purchased them in their factory outlet near PBCom Tower)

Fossil Watch

I don't have the pics yet of the tops that my other aunt gave me. It was Hollister Tops made in Vietnam (for export in California) and a doormat carpet for our home.

For hubby, I gave him a Nike Tee and a Polo tee from Milk and Co. For our home, I bought a carpet for our room :)

Next year, I will push through with my plan to save up money and hopefully for both of us to work abroad ;)


Anonymous said...

Wow yaman! Dami binili para sa sarili. Haha. Ako, I spent about 900 SGD for Xmas presents and sad to say, none for me. Not even a pair of new socks. Oh well, it's time of the year nga nman to get poor. LOL!

Unknown said...

Hehehehe. May extra lang. Reward ko sa sarili ko.

This 2009 magtitipid na ako, it's about time :)