Friday, December 19, 2008

Gift Ideas Under 100 Pesos

Yup! You heard it right! I was able to find good finds that are lesser than Php 100 (US$ 2).

It was yesterday when I saw a wide variety of reading and activity books in Enterprise Tower Bldg. I was on my way to Glorietta to meet my sister. I stopped and decided to see the items they are selling and found an activity books for nursery, activity books for toddlers and paper dolls for girls. All of them are at Php 60 each!

These solve the gifts for my younger cousins and one godson ;)

I passed Greenbelt malls and on my way to Landmark. There's a passage from Landmark going to Glorietta and that's where I'm going. Again, I stopped in my tracks to see a lot of people hovering on items for their officemates and godchildren. And I found these...
I gave these as an additional gifts to my uber loyal colleagues/friends :) It only costs Php 29.75 each (assorted designs).
Frosted mugs in small and tall sizes. This one costs Php 89.75 while the taller is Php 129.75. It comes in Spider Man, Superman, Looney Tunes and Disney Characters. This will be for my other cousin whose 10 years old. Purchased this in Landmark.

Finding these items completed my Xmas shopping list! ;)

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